Friday, March 27, 2009

deaf and blind

i wanna drive it all..
i wanna drive it all like it used to be..
maybe u hven't realized it yet..
maybe u r deaf?
u r blind?
u seem so..

could u please tell me why u r deaf and blind?
could u please tell me MORE why u make me feel like this?
feel in such a way like this? why must be like this way?

it all were made by you..
and with ur selfishness u left it all behind..
u dont even know how big and hard my love to u...

it's too big for me to be hugged..
it's too hard for me to be left..

it's too big to be wished..
it's too hard for me to want u to want me .


is it too big for u to accept it as a love?
is it too hard for u to be mine?

if i give not a kind person like that..
did with my best and suddenly just leave it all behind...
*sigh* that's not completely me..

this is me = just do it with my best...!!
whatever what the result will be..
whatever how hard it will be as me,
i'll always smile to see u smile..
and leave u as another's..

by = sheena, for the right man..

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