Sunday, July 4, 2010

Massive Love Destruction

Have you ever felt hundred repetitions of high speed butterfly velvet wings flaps within the area between your tummy and chest? Such a lovely feeling deceiving saying it can’t be wrong.

Have you ever felt massive destructive anxiety, telling you to move based on what your guts tell you, despite of all the logical contrast?

Have you ever felt that your head, your nerves inside your brain are trained and tensed to think of one thing only? Either, its Love Love Love or Him Him Him… It weighs your mind even more, for every second passed.

Have you ever felt it? Have you ever felt it? Have you ever felt it?

If yes, how many times have you lived it….? Does it feel so real every time…? Or does it feel deceiving every time?

Have you ever felt that your ears are massively strummed by that in depth lyrics love songs , and you ended up closing your eyes slowly and increase the music volume to your headphones to intolerable decibel.

Have you ever become so honest to yourself that finally your tears melt slowly? 
Very slow that you could almost enjoy it, cherish every moment of it.

I am in Love. And it hits me pretty bad. Massive Love Destruction.
created by my cousin

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