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Japan Trip!

Yogyakarta Trip..

ONROP Teater Musical

They Are In Love  

Adli and Dea. They are my friends. once they asked me a help to take some photos of them. Adli will get study abroad in Singapore, so they wanted to make some photosession before Adli leave Indonesia. And finally we made it! Now they are still in happily relationship though it has to be with long distance. A couple days ago, they just celebrated their 15 months anniversary through Skype. What a couple!

Ichsan and Ayui. They are my friends either. their first met was in Senayan City, while Ayui still had a boyfriend and Ichsan was still single. I was with my girls doing hangout there and i brought Ichsan, Gesa and Indra too. There wasn't any feeling yet between them. Until They met in the second time, it was in my high school prom night, while Ayui was desperately broke up with her boyfriend and Ichsan was the photographer of the event, Ayui suddenly told me that Ichsan is interesting guy. and last but not least, their third met was in the train. the four of us (Ichsan, Gesa, Ayui and me) decided to get some extreme adventure to UI by train. On the train, Ayui finally told me bravely that she's in love with Ichsan. After that, ok... i dont know.. it was just flowing like a river.. and they are officially in relationship till now! yeah! lol.


I like this picture because the guy's expression really makes me laugh over and over again. I will call that expression with "AtasGenic". What is "AtasGenic" ? just me and somepeople in the photo-location know it.. LOL

 Naif Performance in Hardrock EX Cafe Jakarta "I Like Monday" (NAIF was awesome!)


           Septina Ayui                                                    One Day                     

Nydia Triana (She is my sister. She is desperately in love with Twilight Saga.)


Mohammad Ichsan, he is a friend of mine and he is a Professional Photographer.

Hitrow Band in Pisa Cafe Menteng

They are professional band of cafe. They band's name is Hitrow. My Brother helped them to be the drummer for one night in Pisa Cafe. They are not only play the music but also entertain the audiences with music parody.

Konser Gitaris Muda Berbakat
 This event contains a concert of young indonesian guitarists. One of them was my college mate (Febrianto Christian)